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We provide disability insurance and long-term care products for people from all walks of life. Blue-collar to professionals and self-employed. Find out what we can do for you!

Individual Disability Income Protection Insurance2022-06-20T20:48:21+00:00

Individual Disability Income Protection Insurance replaces a portion of your income in the event you become disabled, sick, or hurt. If you cannot work full-time or part-time for an extended period this product has you covered!  Benefits are normally tax-free.

Short Term Income Protection2022-06-20T20:49:34+00:00

Short Term Income Protection begins shortly after a disability is determined and pays a weekly benefit for either 13 or 26 weeks.

Business Loan2022-06-20T20:54:22+00:00

Our Business Loan Products have you covered!  This type of disability insurance policy allows a business owner to use the funds to pay current and future bank loans

Retirement Security2022-06-20T20:55:25+00:00

Retirement Security Insurance replaces lost savings for retirement.  These benefits are paid in addition to other disability benefits.

Key Person2022-06-20T21:05:32+00:00

Key Person Disability insurance protects owners from the loss of a key employee.


Buy/Sell Disability Insurance funds a buy-sell agreement that buys out a totally disabled business owner.

Business Overhead Expense2022-06-20T21:15:04+00:00

Business Overhead Expense reimburses disabled business owners for business expenses when they are unable to work full or part-time.  Business expenses include rent, computer expenses, and salaries of non-income producing employees.

Critical Illness2022-06-20T21:17:06+00:00

Critical Illness Insurance pays money directly to you should you face a serious illness like cancer, heart attack, or Advanced Alzheimer’s disease. This plan supplements existing health insurance coverage with critical illness health emergencies.

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Guarantee Standard Issue2022-06-20T21:18:19+00:00

Guarantee Standard Issue ensures income protection for a specified number of employees, which is issued on a guaranteed issue basis with discounted uni-sex premiums.

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