What Is Disability Insurance?

Disability Insurance provides a tax-free monthly benefit to protect lost income due to an unexpected disability.

Disability Insurance is not the first product people think about when financial planning comes up in conversation. Life Insurance, IRAs, Savings, and Social Security are usually at the top list when people begin their financial planning process. That’s a mistake! We, along with two-thirds of the physicians in this country, believe that mindset is outdated. A person is far more likely to be disabled than suffer any other financial or life-ending tragedy. There is a blind assumption that “someone” or some government assistance will be there if disaster strikes. “They” won’t. There are not enough government programs or church charities to cover life’s mishaps. Sadly families are left in despair when the unexpected happens.

Income protection is like no other insurance in the financial planning arena. Its unique purpose is to secure your income should a person experience an accident, injury, or illness. This insurance ensures your financial future is not compromised due to something out of your control.

How would you continue to provide for yourself, your family, and your business if you could not work full time?

Physicians see these horrible outcomes first-hand. That’s why so many doctors and medical staff professionals purchase disability insurance. They know what happens when people are limited by disabling accidents or diseases. They witness the practical and financial impact of disabilities on families that they have treated for decades.

Doctors regularly tell us to expand awareness and motivate people to protect their families and futures because they are keenly aware of the consequences for those who don’t. Please reach out to your Bloch Agency Representative today. The process is simple, and there are no physical exams.

Degrees of Disability

Visualize a straight line – at one end is their is life (white) and on the other end there is death (black) – a disability can simply be 1 degree off each end. Most disabilities are varying shades of grey depending on occupation and duties.  For example, a dentist may be unable to perform his or her duties due to a hand injury and therefore unable to earn an income. At the other end of the scale, that same dentist could be near death after a severe stroke. We help our clients prepare for all of the grey areas in between.

Our carriers insure almost every occupation as well as business owners.  We offer coverage based on our client’s specific needs.  Only a knowledgeable Income Protection Specialist can customize the proper coverage for you and your family and business.

The Bloch Agency has the experience and knowledge to help you with your specific needs.