Why do Business with The Bloch Agency?

The Bloch Agency, is a disability insurance broker firm, helping individuals and business owners obtain customized income protection plans. Their team’s access to multiple carriers will allow you to rest easy that your income is protected and the lifestyle you have worked hard to obtain is secure. Let us assist you in navigating the complex world of disability insurance. The Bloch Agency will ensure you have the best coverage in place to protect you and your loved ones in the event of a unexpected disability.

We believe disability insurance is unique and important to the financial welfare of an individual and family. Therefore, disability insurance has been our primary focus as we feel only an agency with specialized expertise can handle the complexities of this type of risk.

Our team has over 100 years of collective experience in the disability insurance field. BrokerWorld, a major insurance industry magazine, recently recognized our agency in an article titled, ‘Focus on The Bloch Agency- Multi-Generation Agencies.’

Ken Bloch Sr. (45 Years Experience)

Ken’s more than 45 years of experience, specifically dedicated to the Individual Disability Insurance (IDI) product, supports his notoriety as an industry leader and expert continuously offering the IDI market innovative solutions.

He is the founder of The Bloch Agency, Inc. and one of the founding partners of The Plus Group, the nation’s premier disability insurance marketing organization. He not only maintains his membership but also serves and holds leadership positions to several of the leading financial industry institutions. His continued ‘hands-on’ approach to working with brokers and clients supports his success and commitment to his work ethic.

He has been published in Life Insurance Selling, Broker World, BenefitsPro and The Charlotte Observer, Keynote speaker at Disability Income Officers Roundtable, NAIFA – 2012/2013 Board of Directors and 2007 Financial Advisor of the Year.

When not in the office, Ken is usually with his better half of 52 years, Anne. Ken enjoys time with his family, playing golf and the beach. While Ken is considered the families rock and voice of reason, there are friends and business associates that feel the same.

Favorite Quote: Not a surprise… ‘Integrity Matters’

Ken Bloch, Jr. (Vice President – 23 Years’ Experience)

Ken, Jr. graduated from USC of Columbia and decided to join the agency in 1998. It took a few months for him to realize he was more than enjoying his work at the agency and had become a great resource to brokers and instrumental in helping them succeed. He manages the sales process, works directly with brokers and works to implement new marketing strategies. While Ken attends and represents our agency at all regional and local trade shows he also speaks with our brokers daily and assists them with in-force business issues as well as helping. His goal is to help brokers increase their DI insurance knowledge to better serve their clients and in turn feel good about the product.

Ken, Jr. enjoys golf, spending time with his wife and daughter.

Favorite Quote: “If we could have just screwed another head on his shoulders, he would have been the greatest golfer who ever lived.” Ben Hogan

Matt Bloch (Vice President – 22 Years’ Experience)

Matt joined the agency in 1999 after graduating Hamden Sydney. He started doing a little bit of everything and learning about individual disability insurance (IDI) from different perspectives. He continues to manage licensing and compliance while exercising his expert skills in creating customized Individual Disability, Short, and Long-Term Group plans that prove to meet the client’s specific needs.
When not behind his desk, Matt is usually playing golf or fishing with his son.<

Mitch Connella (Case Management – 10 Years’ Experience)

Prior to The Bloch Agency, Mitch was a case manager in the life insurance market for 13 years. Since 2012, Mitch has successfully managed the agency’s disability underwriting process. His keen eye for details and thoroughness help maintain positive relationships with both, brokers, and underwriters.

During Mitch’s spare time, he and his son mentor and train young aspiring football players.

Favorite Quote: There is a little Van Halen in everybody.

Shannan McLaughlin (Operations Manager – 14 Years’ Experience)

Shannan joined The Bloch Agency in 2008 and is an integral part of the organization. She manages GSI and in-force business in addition to being our ‘go to’ person.

When Shannan is not in the office, you can usually find her on a ball field with her son and husband, serving as the team mom and the loudest parent on the stands.

Favorite Quote: The best way to gain perspective is to look thru the eyes of another and get a glimpse of what they see.