ValueGuard Series

We are proud to present the ValueGuard Series, our signature product line.  These products provide solutions to everyday situations where traditional carriers have yet to offer an option.

Business ValueGuard – Traditional carriers do an excellent job of replacing income, and providing business overhead expenses.  However, there has not been a solution to insure the value of a sole proprietors business.  Business ValueGuard was developed to solve this problem for the sole business owner.  After 1 year of total disability, we can provide a lump sum benefit up to $5 million dollars, with the amount of coverage based on a formula of 3X earnings.  No other product has yet to protect an individual business owner’s value.

Family ValueGuard – Divorce –   Most attorneys advise clients to obtain life insurance in order to protect income from support payments.  But what happens if the payor becomes disabled and cannot work?  Income protection for support payments is now available with Family ValueGuard.  This policy protects all parties involved: for the recipient, it eliminates the concern the ex-spouse would be unable to meet the obligation if he/she became disabled.  For the payor, it means he/she will not have to go back to court to recalculate monthly payments, be forced to liquidate personal or business assets to cover support payments. A Residual rider and retroactive benefits are available.

Family ValueGuard – Education – Family ValueGuard benefits supplement existing income protection coverage to provide the extra money needed to keep children in daycare, pay private school or college tuition, or the additional costs associated with a special needs child.  Benefits are available up to 500k.

Lifestyle ValueGuard – Income Protection planning is now enhanced with the introduction of Lifestyle ValueGuard.  Many employers will often offer Group Long Term Disability Insurance to their employees for income protection. The most common version of this type of coverage pays 60% of monthly income and has a maximum benefit of $5,000.  While this coverage is certainly beneficial to anyone becoming disabled it also includes benefit limitations. LTD Policy definitions may be force the disabled employee to return to the work force or no longer receive benefits. 

Lifestyle ValueGuard uniquely supplements group ltd definitions by providing a lump sum benefit between 1X and 10X earnings should group ltd benefits cease after 24 months.

Medical ValueGuard – Provides Income protection to pay off student loans in case of a disability.  After a waiting period of 90 days, a monthly benefit is payable to the insured to the 365th day.  After 1 year, the policy will pay off all the financial institutions.